Monday, August 26, 2019

Refliction Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Refliction Paper - Assignment Example In the nineteenth and the twentieth century, more children were brought in as child labourers. The only time that child labour reduced was when the labour standards grew, and labour standards improved. This increased the political power of working people and social reformers to demand legislation regulating child labour (Hindman 44). These political reformers changed the lives of many children. This was least expected from them because they were the company owners who received cheap labour from these children. The history of child labour in the United States was a long reign. In history, it is said that children worked for their parents, or they were employed by an outside employer. However, child labour cases have changed. In this era child, employment is associated with a lot of risks. In addition, technology has improvised the society thus reducing much labour which fell under children responsibility. Nevertheless some of these equipment’s that are brought in companies are equally dangerous to youth and people who are not improvised to operate the machines. The most important thing that have changed my mind is that I thought the only people who were enslaved were black people but surprisingly I have come to learn that even the white people were enslaved. The most significant determinant that I think is important is that even though the children were enslaved later on they were set free in the year 1938 (Hindman 44). It is relaxing that the children would no longer suffer the torture they went

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