Monday, September 23, 2019

Review of Technical Journal Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Review of Technical Journal Article - Essay Example isputed the claims of the Young-Earth Model that the Mesozoic Rock Layers were â€Å"late-flood rocks† (Neyman, â€Å"Dinosaur Evidence for an Old Earth†). This is the famous Flood during the time of Noah when it rained for forty days which, according to the Bible, had killed all creeping, walking, breathing, etc. living creatures. Neyman did not believe this by predicating that if this is true, it would leave this claim contradictory to the evidences recovered by geologist pointing towards the existence and even activities of Mesozoic creatures – creatures like dinosaurs – during and after the flood took place and even during the water-receding period. According to him, says of the Young-Earth scientist that the distribution of fossils around the globe, as well as their varying formations in the sedimentary rock is caused by the strong cyclonic force that scattered chopped bodies of creatures at random locations around the globe contain insurmountable obstacles. He further expressed in his thesis statement that â€Å"the distribution of animals in the rock layers does not lend itself to an easy fit with the Flood model† (Neyman, â€Å"Dinosaur Evidence for an old Earth†). On the whole, the article was prepared for those who bear the same belief with the Young-Earth Creationism believers who affirmed that The Flood did not leave a single creature alive. The article strongly suggests that, in contrary with the assertions of the Young-Earth Science, even after the water started to recede during which the flood was completed, there were traced of fossils, poops, bones and even track-ways of creeping and walking animals, thereby inferring that creatures, particularly dinosaurs, still existed or were still alive even after the flood. The article was quite difficult to decipher considering that it was trying to interrelate two topics that essentially should not have been linked together by the writer. Both beliefs, the Old-Earth Creationism and the Young-Earth

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