Thursday, July 25, 2019

Pharmaceutical(Pill Mills) Industry Regulate and profitability Research Paper

Pharmaceutical(Pill Mills) Industry Regulate and profitability - Research Paper Example Due to their short business span in a given location, they have huge crowds waiting to see the doctor and they have body guards just in case of invasion. This is misuse of pharmaceutical industry which calls for immediate action to protect lives of citizens and health sector (Drugs Policy Alliance, 2007). Yes, the pharmaceutical industry is regulated. Secondly, the law requires a medical professional to write prescriptions if you want to move large amount of pain killers in America. There is also existence of Healthcare Distribution Management Association [HDMA] which controls the supply of narcotic substance. Finally, DEA’s power to suspend/revoke licenses of distributors in case of ethical malpractices acts as control measure (United States-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council, 2011). DEA regulates the industry by formulating the policies to govern production, distribution and prescription of narcotic substances. Also HDMA in its management on distribution of health care products and combating drug abuse role. Food and Drugs Administration [FDA] is a regulator in that it supervises food safety, dietary supplements, prescriptions of over- the- counter medicines, blood transfusion and other medical and dietary specializations. As discussed above Pill Mills are not legitimate and their operations involve procurement of sub-standard drugs and supplements which are then prescribed to patients inappropriately. Law enforcement and implantation of drugs policy Acts make it hard for these businesses to transact. For instance, regulation of the amount of pain killers to be produced by DEA and monitoring of distribution channels by HDMA will affect their supply and establishment of their quack businesses. In addition, proper scrutiny of food and narcotic products by FDA makes it difficult for Pill Mills to establish their business (FDA’s International Post, 2010). Pill Mills are established with an immediate response to the common problems

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