Monday, May 20, 2019

Bombing of Hiroshima

The Bombing of Hiroshima Hiroshima, Japan (1945), a city of industrial wealth and military significance, was destroyed by the first nuclear bomb on August 6, 1945. Hiroshima was a city that was chiefly untouched by the American nightly bombings. A community that carried about as if the war was elsewhere became the center of attention as a mushroom cloud rose above the city on that unforgettable morning.As an American, I am unsure of my thoughts concerning this matter, but as a human being, the ending and forlornness that the atomic bomb, Little Boy, caused would support been just as devastating on my soul as it was for the individuals who were on that point if I was able to view it as a fly on the w on the whole. Through the power of the meshwork and books, I am able to travel back in time and do just that.Curiosity, intrigue, and a thirst to acquire knowledge are the reasons that I have chose the bombing of Hiroshima as an event I would like to have witnessed. I believe that would have been a horrific sight, to see buildings collapse, flesh illuminate from the bones of people, and the aftershocks of the most eventful day in the history of the world. I would like to have seen the destruction first-hand of what a bomb that size could destroy.Although my heart goes out to the individuals of Japan, their emperor, Hirohito, had the opportunity to have stopped the bombing all together it was his decision to carry on with the war after President Truman had sent The Potsdam Declaration to him outlining the foothold of surrender for Japan. Bad as it may have been for the Japanese, a war that lasted any longer than what it did would have killed many more and obliterated the economies of all the world powers including Japan and the United States.

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