Friday, May 31, 2019

Human Gender and Mathematics Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive papers

Human Gender and MathematicsIs there a difference in the mathematical ability between men and women? Historians have no comminuted method of quantifying or comparing their individual accomplishments (Olsen). Not only in math, but also in many opposite career areas in the past, women were looked upon as inferior to their male counterparts. Women were non encouraged to pursue a career in mathematics. Historically, women were seen working around the home, cleaning the house, taking care of the children, and cooking the food. steady if they did pursue a career in mathematics, their research was sometimes viewed as questionable. I will defend the fact that, Women have the same capabilities of achieving in mathematics than men do. However, you probably have heard of more male mathematicians than female mathematicians because historically, the male is labeled to be smarter in the subject of mathematics. In many cases this is not true. Women were viewed upon as equal in mathematical abi lity when they began making amazing discoveries in mathematics, began to stick up for their rights, and began to be accepted by their male counterparts as equal. An unknown author once wrote, To understand the development of mathematics, we must have a picture of the men who made the science(Olsen). Like many other statements about male mathematicians, you rarely find any trace of their female counterparts. Jean Dumee, a French astronomer, stated that women are not incapable of study, if they want to make the effort, because between the brain of a woman and that of a man there is no difference (Olsen). Women mathematicians have been around for centuries and have had amazing contributions to the dramatic art of mathematics. Women like Hypatia, Sophie Germa... ...athematics and science. If the above statement holds true, women were considered inferior to men in these areas because they werent schooled at a higher level. In todays world, women are schooled at the same level as men a re, which leads them to participate and excel in these fields. Lastly, female mathematicians have the same capabilities of male mathematicians because they made amazing and important discoveries in mathematics, have stuck up for their gender rights, and most important of all, were accepted by their male counterparts as equal.Works Cited Page1 Olsen, Lynn. Women in Mathematics. New York The MIT Press, 19742 Scott, Agnes. Biographies of Women Mathematicians. 28 Feb. 1999. Agnes Scott College. <http/ Walkerdine, Valerie. numerate Girls Out. Bristol, PA Falmer Press, 1974

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