Wednesday, June 12, 2019

British culture Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

British culture - Case Study ExampleHis younger sister is still in the university undertaking bachelor of Medicine. Callum is pursuing a bachelors degree in Neurosurgery. The interview was successful because Callum was cooperative and gave out all the information. I had to inform him first about the intention. I to a fault assured him that the information will not be disclosed to anybody else. From the interview, I was able to get more information about the changing nature of masculinity, dual identities, femininities, and cultural capital among British citizens.Gender identity is an aspect tangled in the process of socializing and growth. There atomic number 18 some behaviors and activities associated with men and others women (Collins, 2009). In order to know Callums attitude towards masculinity, I had to ask him different questions regarding the differences in roles, cloths, behavior and talks between men and women. He claimed that he silent there some behaviors which he was n ot supposed to adopt, since they are made for women. He said that some dresses like pencils, hipster and cloths with multiple colors are made for women and he can not get into them. Further, he added that there are men suit and women suit and to be respected an individual should wear cloths in respect to gender.I had to ask him about the talks or the way in which men talk whether it is different from the women talk. He claimed that women are involved in gossips and he is not supposed to engage in gossips because they are made for women. He claimed that men talks are supposed to focus on life issues and not what other people do. He also claimed that men are not supposed to blink eyes or have seventh cranial nerve movement while talking. He claimed that he can not talk the same way with women because that is lowering his dignity. In the society today, men who adopt the womens way of life are not respected. He was more focused on the issue of masculinity because he also claimed that men should

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