Saturday, June 8, 2019

Should animals be use for medical research Annotated Bibliography

Should animals be use for medical research - Annotated Bibliography ExampleIn this script, the author seeks to put forward that even though animals suffer, they have no honourable entitlement. The fact that they do not also value their lives, their lives have no intrinsic value which makes it better to use them for experimentation than how we would use human beings.The book helps in opening up the debate and showing where the different perspectives that argon posited on this issue. It is therefore an important book to the topic by providing perspectives on some(prenominal) sides of the debate.The article could be useful to the topic on whether animals should be used for medical research. It shows the inhumane treatment of these animals thus showing us how it is important that this crop should be put to a halt.The article talks about the latest events in the U.S whereby the use of Chimpanzees in conducting medical tests may be put to a halt. According to this article the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act that is now in the congress seeks to impose a ban on the invasive research performed on all great apes.This article actually helps to show that trends in the long going debate about the use of animals in medical research are almost being concluded. This article is actually important to this topic because it shows that the world is now coming to accept the fact that animals are not supposed to be used for medical research.While it is recognized that medical research has taken it to greater heights in the tremendous changes it has make in human beings life through creation of drugs and vaccines as well as medical practices, there are people who still feel that it should be stopped. This book helps to understand these controversies and acts as a response to those against the use of animals in

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