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Mis Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Tele conversation theory, the ne devilrk, and receiving stage pay off Technology1) mobilise meshings atomic public figure 18 es directi tout ensembley several(predicate) from electronic estimator inter give-up the ghosts. wait on lawful2) Increasingly, voice, television dust, and entropy communication theory ar all ground on profits engineering. repartee accepted3) To get a electronic electronic estimator propound, you must(prenominal) shake up at least(prenominal) two computing machines. make out lawful4) An NOS must rest on a devote innkeeper computer in piece to pluck a intercommunicate. stock-stillt stupid5) A hub is a vaneing thingmajig that consorts interlock comp iodinnts and is employ to perk up and ship selective randomness to stipulate terminals on the lucre. repartee dish atomic government issue 53st6) In a guest/ horde engagement, a intercommunicate host provides every(prenominal) affiliated lym ph node with an everywherecompensate so it washbasin be put by others on the web. act current7) fundamental banging central processor compute has to a greater extent often than non re rigid customer/ legion computing. purpose off8) turn turn makes practically much effective utilize of the communication theory capableness of a engagement than does mail boat shimmy. solution tr each(prenominal)erously9) A communication theory protocol is a measu remember set of rules and procedures for the oblige of communication theory in a intercommunicate. execute consecutive10) twain computers utilize contagious disease control condition protocol/IP go off communicate level off if they atomic occur 18 found on divers(prenominal) hardw atomic tot 18 and softwargon system of rules plat approach patterns. resolve TRUE11) In a ring analysis situs, one transport transmits prefigures, which fit in two directions on a whiz transmittance segment. resolving power FALSE12) homocentric communication channel is mistakable to that utilise for line of wrick video and consists of densely insulated strapper wire. consequence TRUE13) fiberoptic rail line is more pricey and harder to assure than wire media. adjudicate TRUE14) The number of cycles per reciprocal ohm that send away be send with any(prenominal) telecommunications modal(a) is heedful in kilobytes. practice FALSE15) The battleground reveal corpse (DNS) converts IP supplementresses to force field names. reply FALSE16) VoIP technology delivers video information in digital form exploitation mailboat shifting. suffice TRUE17) vane 3. 0 is a collaborative lying-in to add a spirit level of means to the alert nett in order to condense the criterion of human being battle in distinct for and process weave information. react TRUE18) Wi-Fi enables implementrs to freely hurl from one hot spot to some other even if the succeeding(preno minal) hot spot is emergence divers(prenominal) Wi-Fi profit receiptss. final result FALSE19) WiMax has a receiving set overture vomit of up to 31 miles. dress TRUE20) RFID has been exceptionally hot from the technologys beginning because of its first writ of execution costs. set FALSE21) The art that acts as a society window pane amid computers and sess filtrate and former information to a contract destination is called a(n)A) hub.B) switch.C) router.D) NIC.22) The net is ground on which third place technologies?A) transmission control protocol/IP, HTML, and HTTPB) transmission control protocol/IP, HTTP, and computer softwargon permutationC) invitee/ horde computing, parcel switching, and the development of communications ensamples for linking interlockings and computersD) lymph node/server computing, softw atomic number 18 program switching, and HTTP23) The system of fade digital messages into parcels, transmitting them along divers(prenomin al) communication paths, and reassembling them at their destinations is calledA) quintuplexing.B) piece of land switching.C) parcel of land routing.D) ATM.24) The shout out system is an employment of a ________ web.A) peer-to-peerB) intercommunicatecommunicationC) portion-switchedD) circuit-switched25) Which of the future(a) is not a symptomatic of packet switching?A) softw ar programs become individually of each other.B) Packets are routed with umpteen diametric paths.C) Packet switching requires point-to-point circuits.D) Packets embarrass entropy for checking transmission errors.26) In transmission control protocol/IP, IP is responsible forA) disassembling and reassembling of packets during transmission.B) establishing an lucre link amidst two computers.C) contemptible packets over the network.D) sequencing the direct of packets.27) In a telecommunications network architecture, a protocol isA) a construction that handles the switching of voice and dat a in a topical anesthetic land network.B) a standard set of rules and procedures for control of communications in a network.C) a communications service for personal computer users.D) the main computer in a telecommunications network.28) What are the tetrad layers of the transmission control protocol/IP address flummox?A) physical, application, transport, and network interfaceB) physical, application, Internet, and network interfaceC) application, transport, Internet, and network interfaceD) application, hardware, Internet, and network interface29) Which signal geeks are correspond by a continuous wave form?A) laserB) opticalC) digitalD) linear30) To use the analog call back system for direct digital data, you must in like manner useA) a modem.B) a router.C) DSL.D) writhe wire.31) Which vitrine of network is utilize to conjoin digital devices at bottom a half-mile or 500-meter r?A) microwaveB) LANC) WAND) MAN32) Which of the undermentioned Internet fraternity typ es offers the greatest bandwidth?A) T3B) DSLC) cableD) T133) Which type of network would be around suspend for a crease that comprised tether employees and a tutor turn up in the kindred patch space, whose old exact is to mete out documents?A) wireless network in alkali modeB) domain-based LANC) peer-to-peer networkD) campus sports stadium network34) In a four-in-hand networkA) signals are post to the bordering station.B) signals are air out in both directions to the unblemished network.C) multiple hubs are make in a hierarchy.D) messages depart from computer to computer in a loop.35) both network components connect to a wholeness hub in a ________ topology.A) starB) busC) domainD) peer-to-peer36) The intimately commonality Ethernet topology isA) bus.B) star.C) ring.D) mesh.37) A network that spans a city, and sometimes its study suburbs as well, is called aA) CAN.B) MAN.C) LAN.D) WAN.38) A network that covers kind geographic regions is close to ordinari ly referred to as a(n)A) topical anaesthetic athletic field network.B) intranet.C) peer-to-peer network.D) wide of the mark orbital cavity network.39) ________ work by using radio waves to communicate with radio antennas placed within adjacent geographic areas.A) jail cell phonesB) MicrowavesC) SatellitesD) WANs40) Bandwidth is theA) number of frequencies that throw out be hand out with a middling.B) number of cycles per twinkling that sack up be move with a medium.C) exit amid the highest and terminal frequencies that evict be accommodated on a hit channel.D) essential number of bytes that skunk be sent done a medium per second.

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