Monday, June 10, 2019

Vicarious Liability -Legal Aspects in Health Care Essay - 1

Vicarious Liability -Legal Aspects in Health Care - Essay ExampleIn legal terms, this act is referred to as vicarious liability. It allows for holding an employer responsible for the persons working under their instructions irrespective of whether they are employees or independent contractors, whether they committed the crime intentionally, unintentionally, neglectfully or with culpable oriented intentions. In common knowledge, the boss or an employer, who in opposite words is the employing authority, should take liability. This is because ideally, the employer has the fattest bank accounts compared to their employees, has the ability to access insurance indemnity and by virtue of the authority bestowed upon it, it can encourage its personnel to use the medical etiquette and ethics professionally. Just as a parent is liable for his/her childs mistake, the medical care organization should take vicarious liability (Devine, 2009) observes that Ellis Memorial hospit al, located in Tarpon Springs, Florida was served with two medical lawsuits of professional negligence. Shirley Reth brought two-consolidated lawsuits on behalf of the body politic of Reth.The suits concerned Sean Reth who had undergone an unsuccessful aesthetical surgery at the hospital in March 2006 but died three days later due to Anesthesia medical checkup personnels malpractices, as Reth argued in the summons. This led to insufficient supply of oxygenated blood to the patients brain, medically referred as cerebral ischemia, along with intra-operative cardiac arrest, in other words, heart attack.In this case, Anesthetic associates of North Pinellas PA, PA, Teresa catsos CRNA, Hugh Siegel, CRNA together with Glen Syperda, D.O. an Anesthesiologist and the hospital were the defendants. Even if the defendants were not directly employed by the hospital, it was the hospitals certificate of indebtedness to take the initiative and bear the brunt of the personnel that was working unde r its instructions. According to Reth the barrister, Mr. Reths death

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