Sunday, June 2, 2019

Lord Of The Flies :: essays research papers

Lord of the FliesLord of the Flies deals with universal truths because many of the characters have characteristics we can relate to which makes the criminal record more interesting. One of the characters is Jack. Through come out of the closet the book Jack wants to be the leader of the boys on the island. Jack also does not like work. He likes to go out and hunt, Jack considers hunting as fun, have parties, and do whatever he wants. We see this because he is never working and is always out hunting. Even when he finally becomes the leader he does not take responsibility. All he does is hunt and society. We see that he is not responsible because he throws a party and they get so carried away that someone was killed. Jacks character makes the book stronger because Jack possesses the same ruthlessness and savageness that is in many of us and we can relate to that. Another thing we all can relate to is Jack wanting to be the leader because at one time or another we have all wanted to be the leader of something. Since universal truths are things we can relate to, this ties into universal truths because we can relate to wanting to be the leader.Another character is Piggy. From the beginning of the book when Piggy told Ralph what the kids at school used to call him until the end of the book where they take Piggys render and later on kill him. Piggy is being made fun of which is all a form of mockery. Nobody likes to be made fun of and population can relate to the torture of being picked on. Piggy has a medical problem, which is asthma. This kept him from doing many things. Most of the time he sat and thought approximately ways to improve life on the island. Piggy was more of a thinker then a doer. During the book Piggy loses his pride, honor, and self-confidence but he tries to regain that when he faces Jack after his glasses were stolen.

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